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La Piramide, Power Supply

Did you know that the power source of the Pyramids come not only their spatial geometric shape, but the details of their accurate measurements and hundreds of diagrams and specific symbols?

Few people know it, you are one of those few!

In the Cairo Museum this evidence.

Mystic Group DEGO group has designed a pyramid with special symbols to better use, so you can immediately benefit from his power.
The Egyptian mystery schools so jealously guarded this knowledge that only a few were admitted every 100 years. Altisimo cost was so much that was not the whole life to pay.

Now, for a “symbolic” for historical reasons and cost it is within reach. Do not miss.

Our pyramid comes with a user manual and has a value of $ 149.99

Welcome to our Power Center, here you will find everything you need to learn to use and apply that power.

The Book of Magical Formulas

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